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I lucked out by landing my dream job in 2011 when I became a mom. My very kind husband and 5 beautiful children make me laugh every day. The comfort and support I received during the birth of my first baby planted a yearning in my heart to help others through the raw, miraculous moments that come when bringing a child into this world. My goal as a doula is to leave the birthing person feeling heard, respected, joyful, and empowered. I received my Advanced Doula Training from Birth Learning, recognized through the Midwives College of Utah. I served in the Volunteer Doula Program at the University of Utah and have been a part of some unique birthing cases. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science and am a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor. I have seen the incredible benefits yoga provides to a pregnant and laboring woman so I offer expecting moms a complimentary prenatal yoga session. I believe every birth is magical! Un-medicated or medicated, at home or hospital, first baby or fifth baby, every birth is a miracle. I love helping families learn they can confidently have a voice in how their birth story goes! I feel so honored to be a part of Birth Days and strive to protect treasured memories that will last a lifetime.


One of my greatest tools in my Doula bag is my personal experience giving birth. While I could never know the exact birth journey you are on, I hope you find comfort in knowing I have gone on a similar path.

I see you.

I hear you.

The stars aligned with my oldest; things progressed relatively quickly for a first time momma. Getting an epidural while simultaneously pushing out my second baby taught me that birth plans don't always go to plan. I got educated for my third birth, bearing down on hands and knees because I knew I could. Laughed my baby out for my fourth birth. Roared my baby out into the bathtub, catching her myself for my fifth. And roared one final time for my sixth birth, watching her get passed from the calm bathtub water into her anxiously awaiting mother's arms. 

I have delivered six times and each labor unfolded uniquely. I was a gestational carrier for my last pregnancy and that journey felt familiar yet foreign. The magic of  pregnancy and birth is that they are ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. 


payment plans accepted
I believe all birthing people benefit from having a doula. If price is an issue please reach out and we can figure it out

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Image by Matt Paul Catalano


On The Horizon

- Optional free consultation

- 1 to 2 prenatal visits

- 1 private prenatal yoga class

- Unlimited contact from point of hire

- Unlimited labor and birth assistance

- Birth notes

- 1 postpartum visit

- Postpartum physical activity education

- Small keepsake


Dive Deep Into Your Ideal Birth

- Get to know each other very well

- Birth education

- Goals and birth preferences

- Coping techniques

- Positions for labor and birth


Ride The Waves Together

- Pregnancy

- Labor and birth

- Postpartum recovery

- Breastfeeding




Alisha will come to you to teach yoga! 


Enjoy a private yoga session,

or perhaps you're expecting company

and they are joining you!

30 mins- $30

45 mins - $40

1 hr - $50



I’m very happy to have worked with Alisha as my doula for my third and most recent birth. There were lots of uncertainties regarding delivery with this pregnancy due to some unforseen circumstances, but she was able to provide helpful support in the days leading up to delivery, including prenatal yoga, as well as throughout my entire labor. She helped both my husband and I feel at ease with each stage of labor and was able to help me make the best choices for me and my situation. She gave helpful suggestions for movement and position changes, offered positive encouragement, and provided helpful counter pressure where needed while directing my husband. Without her there, my birth would have gone very differently. Additionally she was able to capture tender moments on camera that will be invaluable to me. Her gentle nature kept a calm presence in the room but she was still a great advocate for me and my wishes. I’m honored to have worked with her and highly recommend her services.


Alisha Stephens was my doula for my last birth. She was wonderful! I was very nervous to give birth without an epidural. She gave me moral support before and during the birth. She did a great job applying counter pressure. Also, the last part of the birth was very difficult for me because I stopped progressing and my baby’s heart rate was dropping. Alisha helped me to cope with the pain and worry and frequently reassured me that my baby would be fine. It was so nice having her there to cheer me on and help ease the pain and stress. She is a wonderful doula, and I would highly recommend her!


Alisha was an amazing doula! She helped me birth my second and third child. Both were big babies (10lbs 8oz, and 10lbs 15 oz). I birthed them naturally and having Alisha there made a world of difference. I didn’t have a doula with my first and I so wish I had.

I love that she met with us ahead of time. She really got to know my husband and me, and what I wanted from the birthing experience. After one birth the doctors were asking all the questions about vitamin k and shots and all that. I had completely forgotten what I had decided (I mean I had just birthed a giant baby after all) and Alisha was able to remind me what my plan was.

I get bossy and cranky when I’m in labor. It didn’t faze her at all. When I’d snap that people needed to stop touching me she would be the first to get her hands off. When I’d demand pressure she was right there again. She was great about suggesting positions, and also shutting up during the times I didn’t want to even hear people breathing. Basically she listened to me, and respected me really really well. And the peppermint oil she had really really helped with nausea.

There are parts of my births that I absolutely do not what others to know about. I have no doubt that Alisha will keep everything confidential and not discuss my personal information.

Even after my babies were born she went above and beyond. The hospital gave me the blanket they had wrapped my first son in. For some reason the nurse wouldn’t let me keep the one from my second son. Alisha got it sorted for me.


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Liesel Teen, BSN-RN

As a Labor and Delivery nurse, Liesel Teen has created an informative website with helpful information on what to expect on your Birth Day. Her blog contains a plethora of topics that laboring women will want to learn so they can go into their big day feeling educated and empowered.

Penny Simkin

 A definitive guide to helping a woman through labor and birth, The Birth Partner includes thorough information on:

  • Preparing for labor and knowing when it has begun

  • Normal labor and how to help the woman every step of the way

  • Epidurals and other medications for labor

  • Pitocin and other means, including natural ones, to induce or speed up labor

  • Non-drug techniques for easing labor pain

  • Cesarean birth and complications that may require it

  • Breastfeeding and newborn care

  • much more

  “…Respecting the woman as an important and valuable human being and making certain that the woman’s experience while giving birth is fulfilling and empowering is not just a nice extra, it is absolutely essential as it makes the woman strong and therefore makes society strong. ”  

Marsden Wagner


You won't find me on social media much, and I hope that doesn't deter you.

I love what I do! I do not love posting on social media. 

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in contact soon.

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